Application Programmers Interface (API)

This is the complete technical reference for all WSMS operations. It details descriptions for each WSMS component and then breaks these components down into operations. Each operation details the required parameters and then specific operation requirements. This document is intended for use by both the experienced WSMS application programmer and by developers writing their own WSMS implementation.
API (html)
API download (MS word)

Application Programmers Guide (APG)

This document shows by example how to utilize WSMS within an application to perform various digital mapping capabilities e.g. Display a raster map, Display a grid, Re-center etc.
APG C++ (html)
APG Ada95 (html)
APG C++/Ada95 download (MS word)


This document highlights in a few pages some of the WSMS main benifits and features.
Datasheet (html)
Datasheet download (MS word)


This document details very briefly the technical benefits of the WSMS.
Whitepaper (html)
Whitepaper download (MS word)

Graphical Users Guide (GUG)

The GUG is the users guide for the test_wsms_gui application that can be downloaded from the Samples area. This is a utility used to test and demonstrate the WSMS capabilities but can also be a very useful utility to visulize datasets, symbology and generate scenarios.
GUG (html)
GUG download (MS word)