Change History WSMS 3.0.3.Rev 9 (WSMS3039)

Added Features
(SCR1030) GeoTIFF series only have wildcard names
(SCR1032) Added wsms-widget-symbol-model
(SCR1033) Modify wsms-terrain-follow to update elevation
(SCR1034) Added vector operation for finer feature drill down
(SCR1036) Added operation to duplicate widgets
(SCR1038) Enhance wsms-widget-map-sight with boundary markers
Bug Fixes
(SCR1039) From C/C++ null and invalid mil2525 definitions crash
(SCR1040) RADDWAM incorrectly cases some series names
(SCR1041) Sight maps crash for 1m LRF BDEM dataset
Special Notes
(SCR1030) GeoTIFF series now apply the filename as the name component of the series.

(SCR1032) New component wsms-widget-symbol-model allows the presentation of 3D wireframe models into a scene. Model file formats currently supported are .3ds (3D design studio ASCII), .vsa (Videoscape) and .agil (AGIL format)

(SCR1033) New flag on wsms-terrain-follow Calculate() calls to return the elevation at the updated location.

(SCR1034) Added operation wsms-database-vector Features() which performs a much finer feature query than the regular locator query which uses a standard bounding box test. This operation is specific to vector data and performs the standard bounding box test as the locator query but then refines the result further by performing point on line and point in polygon tests to return only those locators that intersect the specified location. The returned locator list is managed in the same way as the normal locator list.

(SCR1036) New operation wsms-widget Duplicate() that creates an exact duplicate of a specified widget.

(SCR1038) Added new attributes to wsms-widget-map-sight and wsms-widget-map-banding called Attributes.Border.Foreground, Attributes.Border.Line_Width, Attributes.Border.Line_Style and Attributes.Border.Marker. These attributes allow rendering of an outer border ring to indicate the extent of the calculation and a central marker. Setting the Attributes.Border.Marker flag to true indicates a marker is rendered at the center of the map widget. Setting the Attributes.Border.Line_Style to a style other than None will render an outer ring indicating the calculation extent. These new attributes require a new entry in the wsms.dat WSMS.Widget.Map.Sight token and WSMS.Widget.Map.Banding something like:
Attributes.Border.Foreground : 000 255 000 255
Attributes.Border.Line_Width : 0
Attributes.Border.Line_Style : None
Attributes.Border.Marker : True