Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 1 (WSMS3041)

Added Features
(SCR1069) Add operation to calculate elevation for a camera view intersection
(SCR1070) Extend composite capability to merge multiple matrix datasets
(SCR1071) Modify 3D capability to be more intuitive
(SCR1073) Modify shape file reader to operate without metadata
(SCR1074) Apply/Test the latest magnetic variation model WMM-2005.COF
Bug Fixes
(SCR1072) Resize in multi-session view can get clipped
Special Notes
(SCR1069) Added new operation to wsms-terrain-sight called Intersect(). This operation takes a terrain instance (configured with appropriate matrix data for the area of interest), a source location for the camera (including the cameras absolute elevation), a heading value for the camera (this is the compass angle at which the camera is pointed) and a pitch angle of the camera (this is the angle at which the camera is pointed at the ground with 0 degrees being parallel with the ground and positive angles increasing towards the ground). The returned value is the geographic location including absolute elevation that the camera view intersects the terrain.

Coupled with the addition of this new operation there is also a new widget wsms-widget-terrain-intersect.h that utilizes the above operation to render a polygon representing the area a camera view covers the terrain. The widget projects the four corner points of a camera view given the cameras Field of View (FOV) angles and renders a polygon connecting each of the projected corner points as they intersect with the terrain. To support this widget a new entry in the wsms.dat file is provided:
           token WSMS.Widget.Terrain.Intersect
              Data                      : 0
              Visible                   : True
              Priority                  : 51
              Center                    : 0.0 0.0 0.0
              Rotation                  : 0.0
              Selectable                : False
              Highlight                 : False
              Highlight_Method.Colored  : False
              Highlight_Method.Color    : 000 000 000 255
              Highlight_Method.Blink    : 0.0
              Session_Links.Center      : True
              Session_Links.Scale       : False
              Session_Links.Rotation    : False
              Terrain.Cache             : 16
              Terrain.Series            : MATRIX:DTED:*:DTED0:*
              Marker.Size               : 0
              Marker.Foreground         : 000 255 255 255
              Marker.Fill_Style         : Solid
              Attributes.FOV_Horizontal : 45.0
              Attributes.FOV_Vertical   : 45.0
              Attributes.Heading        : 0.0
              Attributes.Pitch          : 45.0
              Attributes.Marker         : True
              Attributes.Marker_Color   : 255 255 000 255

(SCR1070) A new operation has been added to wsms-terrain-composite.h called Merge() that provides the means to merge two Matrix datasets together into a single dataset. Supplied values include a terrain instance (used to cache matrix values), the geographic area of interest, the accuracy value for the resultant dataset (when set to 0 the base dataset accuracy is used), base and overlay series (these are the base matrix dataset onto which is overlaid the overlay dataset), an operation that indicates how the values are merged (normal usage is simply "Replace"), and the details for the storing the resultant merged dataset.

(SCR1071) A slight internal modification to how the 3D view parameters are interpreted has been made where the View_Point.Location.Elevation value is more correctly applied. This means the view point must have an elevation value related to the location on the terrain which is being looked at (the session center location). A full explanation has been provided in the latest APG document in the "Advanced" section. Because of the modified interpretation for the 3D view parameters the defaults in the WSMS.Session section of the wsms.dat file have been modified:
           Perspective.View_Point    : 0.0 11000.0 -11000.0

(SCR1074) The latest magnetic variation model file WMM.COF has been tested with the wsms-coordinate-north component. The file can be downloaded from: