Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 2 (WSMS3042)

Added Features
(SCR1075) Added terrain statistics operation to assist 3D rotation
(SCR1076) Modify widget pick to select polygons like lines
(SCR1077) Modify Mil2525 echelon team symbol to be more distinctive
(SCR1078) Added support for Qt 4.x
Bug Fixes
Special Notes
(SCR1075) Added new operation to wsms-terrain called Statistics(). This operation takes a terrain instance (configured with appropriate matrix data for the area of interest), a geographic area and returns the Minimum, Maximum, Median and Average elevations for the specified area. The operation is useful in 3D viewing, to determine the best value to apply as the session center elevation, as this is the elevation about which the terrain is rotated when viewed in 3D.

(SCR1076) Widget pick operations have been modified such that closed polygon shapes are now selected in the same fashion as lines. The pick location needs to be within the selection area of the polygon edge for it to be selected.

(SCR1077) The source CGM symbol file has been modified to make the Mil2525 echelon team symbol more distinctive. This requires the \symbols directory to be updated with the latest symbol set.

(SCR1078) There is now support for both Qt 3.x and Qt 4.x. The interface component called qtada.h/qtada.cpp has been split into two components qtada-3x.h/qtada-3x.cpp and qtada-4x.h/qtada-4x.cpp. Compile the required interface 3x or 4x and link with the application for the required Qt support.