Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 3 (WSMS3043)

Added Features
(SCR1080) CSC Pick problems
(SCR1082) Create RADDWAM Filter operations and updated regrid application
(SCR1085) Add ability to render into an X11 Pixmap
(SCR1086) Create spheroid and ellipsoid operations
(SCR1088) Make WinCE DLL release smaller
(SCR1098) Add symbol-route component
Bug Fixes
(SCR1083) Parameter problem with C Matrix color callback
(SCR1087) OpenGL visual change problem with resize to fix vanishing raster symbols
(SCR1089) Filled concave Mil2525 tactical symbols do not fill correctly
(SCR1090) Evaluate CSC Patch 3097 wsms-database_internal-raw_long_float (applied)
(SCR1091) Evaluate CSC Patch 2004 wsms-areas (not applied)
(SCR1092) Evaluate CSC Patch 3125 wsms-widget-grid-mgrs (applied)
(SCR1093) Evaluate CSC Patch 3815 qtada-4.x (applied)
(SCR1094) MGRS annotation error at the equator
(SCR1097) OpenGL Set_Raster_Direct() fails in multi-session
Special Notes
(SCR1085) Created wsms-session-x11 Visual_Pixmap class.

(SCR1086) Created new components wsms-coordinate-spheroid and wsms-coordinate-ellipsoid. Operations provided allow calculation of distances, relationships and inverse target using the spheroid and ellipsoid models.

(SCR1098) Added new component wsms-widget-symbol-route that uses Mil2525 symbols (Start Point, Release Point, Way Point, Hold Point, General Line) to represent a route as a single symbol. All locations along the route are automatically annotated with their index value and the first point is always a Start Point and the last point is always a Release Point. All in between locations are Way Points until specifically modified into a Hold Point. All points are connected with a general line and can be edited just like any other WSMS symbol. The latest wsms.dat file contains the attribute defaults for this new widget.