Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 6 (WSMS3046)

Added Features
(SCR1113) Added ability to use raster files as Mil2525 symbols or icons
(SCR1114) Added ability to color and style segments of a symbol.primitive instance
(SCR1115) Added thread locking on event processing for multi-thread protection
Bug Fixes
(SCR1116) Corrected missing annotation on MGRS and UTM grids
Special Notes
(SCR1113) In the Mil2525 definition file (e.g. mil2525b.vti) Use the key word "Raster" instead of the keyword "Filename" to reference a raster image instead of a CGM file. This capability applies to war-fighters and all forms of tactical symbols. e.g. To use just the icon part, the frame is rendered with the default CGM frame and the raster is positioned in the center.
           -- IED Roadside
           Identifier S*G*IEDR--*****
           Raster     c:\development\ied-roadside4.bmp
Or To use the full raster frame and icon specify each separate code.... normally you would have different files for each affiliation for this example I have just used the same file. No standard frame is used so only the raster is rendered.
           -- IED Roadside
           Identifier SFG*IEDR--*****
           Raster     c:\development\ied-roadside3.bmp
           Identifier SHG*IEDR--*****
           Raster     c:\development\ied-roadside3.bmp
           Identifier SNG*IEDR--*****
           Raster     c:\development\ied-roadside3.bmp
           Identifier SUG*IEDR--*****
           Raster     c:\development\ied-roadside3.bmp

When creating your own raster images to get the size close to the Mil2525 standard use these sizes:
           Friendly	45x31 pixels
           Hostile	40x40 pixels
           Neutral	35x35 pixels
           Unknown	40x40 pixels
When designing just icons ensure the icon fits within the smallest frame (Neutral) and within the borders of the (Hostile) diamond.

Use pure white as the transparent color (255, 255, 255).

I recommend where possible using the standard frames and developing just the Icon as a raster. This allows variations when rendering the frame that cannot be done with a full raster image. Such as dashed line borders, changing the color of the frame border, outlining in a different color, or displaying just icons without frames.

(SCR1114) There are two new values in the attribute record for wsms-widget-symbol-primitive instances, Style_Index and Style_Clear. Setting an Index number starting at 1 and applying the attributes with Set_Attributes() will take whatever foreground, line_style and line_width values are set and apply them to the primitive segments starting from the specified index. In this way each segment can have a unique style. Setting the "Style_Clear" flag and applying with Set_Attributes() will clear all applied segment styles and return all segments to the foreground, line_width and line_style in the attribute record. Setting a filled primitive will ignore all segment styles.