Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 7 (WSMS3047)

Added Features
(SCR1117) Added wsms-widget-map-mesh to display a geographically positioned mesh of values.
(SCR1118) Added attribute caching to all wsms.symbol class objects
(SCR1119) Added wsms-render operation Add() with sort parameter that allows widgets to be added without sorting.
(SCR1119) Added wsms-render operation Sort() that allows all added widgets to be sorted into priority order, must be called after widgets are added without sorting.
Bug Fixes
(SCR1120) Corrected interface bindings to wsms-geometric2d and wsms-geometric3d
(SCR1121) Fixed GCC 4.3.x errors in Qt interface
Special Notes
(SCR1119) To speed up the adding of multiple widgets e.g. loading a scenario widgets can be added to a render instance without sorting. This significantly speeds up the addition of new widgets. After all widgets are added the Sort() operation must be called to sort widgets into Priority Order for correct rendering.