Change History WSMS 3.0.4.Rev 9 (WSMS3049)

Added Features
(SCR1134) Modified sorters to utilize heap based sorting instead of stack based.
(SCR1135) Added ability to render transparent and blended raster maps
(SCR1136) Added additional mil2525b battle dimension descriptors
(SCR1137) Added widget map Auto_Series() operation that can be called after a session scale change to select the best map for the current session scale.
(SCR1138) Added operation to widget map Clear_Cache() that can be called to force the map cache to be cleared
(SCR1141) Added DISA Mil2525B Change 2 symbol set to the symbol data.
(SCR1142) Added token "Scan " to the mil2525 configuration file to allow automatic scanning of a directory looking for *.png files that have a naming convention along the lines of "0.suapcf---------.png"
(SCR1143) Extend the Qt 4.x render to fully implement the WSMS capabilities such as rotation and alpha blending.
Bug Fixes
(SCR1139) Corrected visibility of Mil2525 battle dimension modifier so that it is not dependant on the "Reinforced_Reduced" visibility
(SCR1140) Ensure when a database locator is cleared and released back into the memory pool that its data values are nulled, to ensure the tile is not picked up as a false tile if being maintained in a cache.
Special Notes
(SCR1135) Added attribute Transparent to wsms-widget-map-raster. This attribute is a Red, Green, Blue, Alpha value that is applied when the map attribute "Opaque" is set to "False". If the Transparent attribute alpha value is less than 255 then the map is blended with its background such that 0 is fully transparent and 255 is fully solid. If the transparent Red, Green, Blue combination matches any color in the map then that color is rendered as fully transparent.

(SCR1136) Additional descriptors are (position 2 of the Mil2525 code):
                     Exercise_Pending          'G'
                     Exercise_Unknown          'W'
                     Exercise_Friend           'D'
                     Exercise_Neutral          'L'
                     Exercise_Assumed_Friend   'M'
(SCR1137) Auto_Series() when called will find the closest matching map within the widgets database instance to the sessions scale. It when it finds maps of equal resolution it will select the map that remains consistent with the current series. To utilize this ability you need to
  • Enable the auto series ability for the map instance with map->Set_Auto_Series(WSMS::True)
  • Each time the session that contains the map instance has its scale changed you need to call map->Auto_Series(session) and this will modify the maps series to match the supplied session scale as close as it can.
  • (SCR1141) The DISA Mil2525B Change 2 symbol set is the current set of mil2525b symbols defined as .png files instead of .cgm. This set also includes the change 2 symbology. To utilize this symbol set you must use a WSMS release that incorporates the 3rd party DevIL library as this is used to read the .png files.

    (SCR1142) Because the DISA Mil2525B Change 2 symbol set incorporates the mil2525 code as part of the filename it is now possible to simply scan a directory tree and automatically load the symbols into WSMS. Adding the lines such as from the sample mil2525b-disa.winms file:
                         Scale 0.7 0.7
                         Scan $ROOT/DISA/mil2525b-2
                         Scale 1.0 1.0
    Will scan the specified directory tree and register all DISA style symbols in the symbol database. The Scale tokens are used to scale the images that are loaded to better match the existing WSMS symbol sizes.

    The DISA symbols do not render the tactical symbols in a form suitable for generic rendering and so have been removed from the symbol set and the traditional CGM and special case rendering is used.