Change History WSMS 4.0.0.Rev 1 (WSMS4001)

Added Features
This is the first release of the WSMS 4.x which has many changes from the WSMS 3.x. The complete library has been re-written from the ground up in C++. Some key points about WSMS 4.x:
  • No longer any Ada95 runtime, so libs are smaller
  • The API has been modified slightly but all the concepts such as Session, Render, Widget, Configure and Database all remain the same, making the transition from WSMS 3.x to WSMS 4.x quick and simple
  • Simplified/Shorter names for things such as coordinate systems
  • Faster more streamlined renderers
  • Every widget is scalablable including line thickness, fonts and symbols
  • Every widget can be outlined/shadowed to improve contrast on map data
  • API includes the ability to extend the classes in a standard C++ way
  • API includes methods to pass std::string instead of old C style
  • Mil2525 requires no major configuration file and by default includes 100% support for Appendix A (warfighters) and will include 100% support for Appendix B (tacticals)
  • Mil2525 allows for simple inclusion of custom symbols
  • Mil2525 uses DISA generated symbols in SVG format instead of CGM, this is ASCII XML based and easily edited
  • The Qt based render engine makes full use of the Qt 4.x features and is now much more efficient and faster.
  • The Android OS is now supported

  • To Do Features
    Because this is the first release there are still a few things that still need to be added, for most uses the current release will be sufficient but here is a list of to do:
  • Complete Mil2525 Appendix B (tacticals) support, currently 70% complete to 100%
  • Add Vector database reader and widget
  • Add Matrix database reader and widget
  • Add support features for dataset generation

  • Bug Fixes
    Special Notes