This page contains a list of various resources and references useful in the deveopment and use of WSMS. Clicking on a logo will take you to the indicated web site

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Free search engine submission.


The best Ada95 compiler I have used, and I have used a lot of different versions for many different targets from real time embedded through to you basic Windows PC. Best of all its FREE although Ada Core Technologies the supplier do not make it easy to find the free version but check the AdaPower site for this.


The one and only graphical API for doing high end 3D work. This site has constantly changing links to all the latest and greatest OpenGL software around. Lots of video lollies.

Mesa 3D

The perfect implementation of the OpenGL API for platforms that either do not supply it as a native utility or charge and arm and a leg for it, 'cause its FREE.

Direct X

The high performance graphics interface for the Windows targets. Not very pretty to program with but it performs very well.


Linux the very best development environment for professional software as it provides more tools and utilities than can be found on the high end development platforms, its totally configurable, lots of info and notes for everything and the biggest support staff around. Plus its FREE in many different flavors.

1st Page 2000

1st Page HTML editor used to generate these web pages. This is a FREE product that has proved not only useful for generating these web pages but also in teaching me about HTML.

Brinkster the host for this web site.