Weapon System Mapping Services (WSMS)
Embedded Maps for an Embedded World

Welcome to the home for the TARDEC/DCS Weapon System Mapping Services or WSMS for short. WSMS is a software toolkit of geo-spatial services which can be easily incorporated into applications for the analysis and rendering of geo-spatial information or digital maps. The toolkit supports not only various forms of maps but also grids, symbology and terrain analysis widgets.

If you have been searching around for a toolkit you will have discovered there are a few others out there as well. This particular toolkit's uniqueness is the fact that it is highly portable. Running on systems ranging from desktop workstations down to small portable PDA style computers, on operating systems ranging thru Solaris, WinMS (XP, Vista, 7), WinCE, Linux, LynxOS and VxWorks on graphics systems ranging thru GDI, DirectX, OpenGL, X11 and Qt.